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Product Review: Prana Brush

The health benefits of dry brushing are becoming more well-known these days and companies, like Prana Brush, are taking the dry brushing experience to the next level. Our Test Divas team received a unique ionic body brush, made with extra-fine ion-charged copper bristles. This is different from other dry brushes on the market because these negative ions, created by the friction between the copper bristles and the skin, help protect the body from free radicals. You may know that dry brushing helps remove dead skin particles and stimulate blood flow, but why is this brush so special?

These brushes are handmade from the highest-quality sustainably-harvested beechwood, which is smoothed and finished with natural wax. The bristles are made from a high-quality alloy of copper and zinc. The outer ring of the brush are made from all-natural and ethically-sourced boar hair.

Ionic brushes do all the above in addition to stimulating the body’s lymphatic system, promoting detoxification and eliminating inflammatory toxins. These brushes even aid digestion and eliminates cellulite. Sign me up, right? Our team took one for a spin and here’s what we found.

The first step was to read the directions very carefully – don’t use the brush with water, soap or oil. Also, when you are starting out, use very light pressure and small strokes. This is because the bristles may seem sharp to your skin at first but consistent use will help your skin adapt. I lightly brushed my skin, starting furthest away from my heart and moving inwards. I’m a huge fan of getting my back scratched (I enlisted some help for this part!) and it felt as amazing as I thought it would.

The recommended best time to use the brush is upon waking and before showering or bathing, however I used it right before bed. There was a disclaimer that dry brushing can actually have a stimulating effect, meaning it might energize you instead of putting you to sleep but I felt fine. I do see the reasoning behind using it before a shower, since washing off the skin after would feel great. My skin felt immediately smoother and I could see the dead skin particles being removed. It only took about five minutes to dry brush my body and I’m already looking forward to the next time I can get a session in!

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