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VariLite Laser Treatment at Avenue Skin Care

Medi-spas have taken the beauty and esthetics market by storm. They’re your one-stop shop for skin and beauty needs on a deeper level. If you’ve been following the blog you may know that one of my biggest insecurities is my uneven, sun damaged skin. I have tried countless serums, masks (both DIY and purchased), and peels – everything short of going straight nocturnal to shield my skin from the sun! The search for the solution to my skin insecurities was doubly hard, as I am of mixed ethnicities and have a darker skin tone. Because of this, a few years ago my options were slim, as lasers and IPL’s didn’t pair well with darker tones and even then treatments weren’t guaranteed to work or not harm my skin.


I felt that there was no treatment for my skin and almost gave up hope until I found Avenue Skin Care, a medi-spa located in the heart of Yorkville, where they focus on real results and solutions for their clients specific skin issues. I had the opportunity to visit their beautiful office and came to find that as technology has advanced, there are solutions for me and others like me with skin insecurities.

Based on my consultation, we decided that the VariLite Laser Treatment would be the best tool for my skin type.  This treatment consists of a pinpoint precise laser that generates an intense beam of light on the treated area of the skin. This light is then absorbed by red blood cells and melanin and causes the unwanted pigmentation to breakdown by the heat of the laser while still keeping the healthy cells intact. VariLite can be used to treat a number of skin conditions such as rosacea, benign pigmented lesions, vascular lesions like spider veins, broken capillaries, warts and scars and is safe for people with darker toned skin.

The team at Avenue Skin Care are amazing! Medical skin care specialist and spa owner, Susan Shirriff, was very welcoming and helpful, and my esthetician, Erica, was so friendly and informative. I truly felt like I was in the right hands and I had no worries about the procedure. The whole treatment took about 20 minutes and the team advised me on what to expect and ensured my comfort. The pain was very minimal and I experienced a slight burning which was calmed by the wonderful mini facial post-treatment. In my case, 1-2 sessions are needed but it can vary based on the issue. It has been about a week since the procedure and I definitely see a drastic improvement! My freckles have darkened slightly, as they are scabbing (this can be combated with a bit of cover up) and within a short time they will diminish and disappear.  With proper care and an abundance of sunscreen, my skin should be fully healed and freckle free within the next 4-6 weeks. Stay tuned for the updates!


                         Before                                                          After

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