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Bed Time

Help your clients de-stress with the Welnamis loungers

The spa industry is moving into the realm of mental wellness—with the help of technology…and a bed.
“Binaural vibroacoustic therapy” uses frequencies and sound therapies to provide clients with a relaxing, meditative experience. “With the Welnamis, a next-level wellness touchless treatment experience bed, clients can enjoy downtime after a facial, allowing the technology to do the work,” says Litsa Karamitsos, founder and CEO of Cosmo-derma Technologies, the exclusive Canadian distributor for Gharieni Group.
The spa industry has recognized the importance of addressing mental wellness, and a technology-enhanced treatment concept bed offers a unique and effective solution. The Welnamis bed delivers dynamic vibrational therapy through the body while clients listen to multilayered binaural acoustic audio programs through headphones.
The Gharieni Group has been studying this for years, says Karamitsos. “According to studies conducted by the Gharieni Group, the technology reduces stress and anxiety, and even regulates the autonomic nervous system.
And, for Karamitsos, achieving mental wellness these days is essential as people increasingly require it. In the European spa industry, there is a noticeable trend of integrating beauty and wellness to effectively enhance the body’s well-being, essentially bio-hacking the body for optimal health and balance.
But she doesn’t mean replacing or eradicating the human touch, which is the foundation of the spa experience, but to improve it. “That’s what Welnamis does. It allows us to really elevate and enhance any facial experience. It’s really a game changer.”
Consider the spa facial. “One of the benefits of the bed is that after a facial, clients can lie in the Welnamis bed and enjoy some downtime,” she says. “It’s really empowering the mind and offering a solution that doesn’t necessarily require someone to touch you. You relax and allow the treatment—the vibrations, the brain waves, and the sounds—to do the work.”

Spa Benefits
But Welnamis benefits not only clients, but also spas. “This bed is an investment that’s going to elevate your business to the next level,” says Karamitsos.
There are also loungers such as the RLX Satori and the RLX Aurasens. “They can offer spas an opportunity to elevate the spa experience, too,” she says. For example, the 1,000 square feet or so of the lounging area (where clients drink tea and wait for their services) is “dead space,” according to Karamitsos. “That space makes absolutely no money.”
Putting a lounger in that area will create a luxurious treatment area. While clients are waiting for their spa treatment, they can relax.
“As touchless technology and AI assistance gain prominence, wellness services are also poised to dominate the market,” she continues. “Many spas are now leveraging these technologies to create exclusive and enduring experiences. Even post-pandemic, some customers may still deny the prospect of visiting a spa. Thus, touchless technology can be strategically employed to attract and retain a broader clientele base. This will ensure customers continue to receive the best services while guaranteeing their safety and well-being.”

Safe and Effective
The only contraindications for Welnamis are for those who are pregnant and those with epilepsy, says Karamitsos. “The reason we say pregnant women is because of the vibrations, but those can be brought down completely. They’re adjustable.”
Volume can also be adjusted to meet a client’s preferred sound level, but the frequencies are still there. In other words, there’s not much negative about it—“except for mental wellness benefits such as a better mood and less stress, and feeling very relaxed.
“I’ve been working in the industry for two decades, and throughout my experience, I have constantly noticed repetitive ideas and solutions. Thus, I was driven to search for something truly distinctive and innovative in nature. My goal was to introduce a brand that would break away from the traditional norms and offer a fresh approach to meet the evolving needs of the industry and its customers. The Gharieni Group has done that and more.”
With its unique combination of touchless technology and therapy, Welnamis offers a safe and effective solution for mental wellness that is sure to redefine the spa industry.

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