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4 fall spa beauty trends

Many seasonal trends that trickle down from fashion’s runways to the beauty counter are simply impractical for the everyday woman. Here are four goof-proof beauty trends to fall back on and how to wear them in order to embrace the playful drama of the season.

1. The romantic lip: A deep, brooding, full-pigmented pout is the quickest way to draw the line from easy summer beauty into a cool and structured fall look. A semi-matte black lipstick (not too flat, not too shiny), can be both gothic and fun, but most will feel more comfortable in rich wine tones. For the colour-shy, a deep-hued, but sheer coverage gloss is a great option.

2. The perfect brow: The full brow is still the most youthful and balancing feature on the face and this season is no exception. Whether structured or wispy, a brow can change a face in an instant. This is why microblading – a form of tattooing where a blade is used to make hair stroke-like incisions in the brow with pigment – is having a resurgence in the permanent makeup world. It’s becoming a sought-after “new” spa treatment! But beware, this is serious business where sterilization meets artistry, so the artist should ensure that they have familiarized themselves with how to handle blood-borne pathogens, wears gloves and a mask, and uses either disposable tools or properly sterilizes them, for their own safety and that of the client. For a quicker fix, there are fine, waterproof brow pens that simulate the real thing when applied in short upward strokes.

3. Black eyeliner: A heavy black eyeliner (think crisp, not smoky) all the way around the eye, or a sleek, winged cat shape will glam up a face in an instant. If applying a cream or liquid eyeliner with a brush is too difficult, consider a smooth black pencil and run it through the upper eyelashes in short dashes for instant lash-thickening and definition. Eye shadows are an option this season; to make the eyes the focus, go for some gold or rose-gold hued shimmer on the lids. A fine shimmer (not sparkle) is still fine for mature lids, no matter what you’ve heard!

4. Healthy skin: It doesn’t matter how on-trend lips or brows are, if the skin is unhappy, people can tell. Here is a skincare regimen you can recommend to your client that will hopefully become a ritual for them (the number of steps will vary depending on their needs and habits): A well-blended and hydrating foundation to even out skin tone is a good place to start, then a concealer or heavier coverage foundation hides any blemishes or dark spots. Using a clean finger to pat-pat-pat concealer into the skin is better than dragging it with a brush (the warmth of the skin and the patting motion will make the product blend seamlessly). Finally, brighten under the eyes by adding a pinky-toned or caramel-toned brightening stick to the inner and outer corners, for a look that says daylight savings just started, everyday!

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Lauren Kurtz

Lauren Kurtz is the owner of a private studio, Good Gosh Beauty, which focuses on niche and longlasting beauty treatments. A member of the Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, Kurtz is known for her skilled, delicate touch and ability to make people look their best.

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