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A Unique Marketing Tool for your Spa

Tik Tok? Instagram? Facebook? Newsletters? Emails? Event promotion? Advertisements? Text Messages? Do any of these sound familiar to you?

As a small business owner of a full-service boutique spa, I am constantly striving for new ways to both attract new customers as well as keep existing customers coming in for their appointments. In these times, it can feel like I am Sisyphus; you know, the Greek myth about a man who had to repeatedly push a big rock up a hill. Can you relate?

Well, after pushing the rock up a few times, I wanted to try a different method. Something that would reach 1000s of interested people yet in a more personal way! You might be thinking, what an oxymoron. However, I want you to instead begin thinking about podcasting.

Podcasting is a way you can stand out in the sea of spas. You can show what makes your spa unique, how you can serve your customers, and what your spa’s purpose is. For example, my podcast Spa Skin & Beauty is a space where my sister and I talk about not only spa happenings but also dive into other topics.

We love to discuss what our favourite sunscreens are, what foods are best for the skin, as well as what is a facelift without surgery. This gives our listeners a chance to get to know us behind the brand. We are able to showcase our knowledge and our fun – and sometimes quirky, personalities! It allows us to engage with the clients on a much deeper level.

For example, in the spa we can only talk about our products, services, results and life in general for about ten minutes. That’s not a lot of time. However, on our podcast we can go more in-depth. We can refer the client to the podcast and on their next visit, ask them about it. It also encourages the client to develop a closer relationship with you.

On a weekly basis, our spa clients will talk to me about how they enjoyed the latest podcast and what they learned and laughed about! They can see, listen, and understand my passion for skincare and it strengthens my credibility as a skincare professional.

Having your own podcast also allows you to build relationships with other brands and you can invite the company representative to talk about the science behind the product, the brand, how to use the product, ingredient information, why it’s different from other products, and other tips and tricks.

If you are ready for something new and adventurous, then take this as a sign to just go for it. It won’t be perfect. In fact, we did an episode about what mistakes to avoid in podcasting, including hilarious tips like making sure you’re pressing the record button. Yep, that really happened! My point is, just try it if this speaks to you. Yes, you will mess up, but that’s how we learn and grow. I believe Charles Koch said it best: “The only way to improve is to try new things.”

Lindsey Holder Rinehart

My career has spanned over the years from Celebrity Assistant to now the Spa owner/Esthetician and host of Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast. During my tenure as a Celebrity PA, I worked alongside top Estheticians, skincare brands, hairstylists and make-up artists known worldwide. It opened my interest into the world of beauty and skincare.

I own two esthetic businesses. My brick-and-mortar spa is one of the top-rated and successful boutique spas in my city, with a team of eight. My online business, Lapree Beauty, is my new passion focusing on teaching people online how to choose the right skin care regime for them as well as how and what products to use for their skin.

My background includes being a National Remington Style Ambassador, speaker and author of two books. Currently, I own and manage my spa daily at and write about all things beauty and skin related on [@lindseyrholder]. Traveling is a passion of mine, including experiencing new body and skin treatments at destination resorts.

You can find me speaking about the latest beauty and skincare trends while respecting the classic ones through my podcast, Spa Skin and Beauty.

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