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How Mama gets her groove back

A big call-out to La Source Bains Nordiques in Rawdon, Quebec, for infusing me with sanity during a sweet day of relaxation this past Saturday! Before I get into the wonderful experience I had, I’d best paint a picture leading up to the day…

Between my friends Andrea, Jenny and myself, we have 6 boys, all 5 and under. Two just hit Kindergarten, another hit daycare, and the rest, well…let’s just say little boys do it big. Big smiles, big ideas, big sounds, big messes, and enormous energy. Phew. After a wonderful summer on the go, heading into this new season, our 6 tiny angels were thriving—and we were looking and feeling haggard.

A day at the spa was the perfect cure.

La Source is a beautiful oasis that offers more opportunities to relax than you can possibly fit into a day. We planned ahead and booked a day package, so upon arrival at 10 am were looking forward to some much needed pampering. After checking in, receiving courtesy robes and water, and donning our bathing suits, the first stop was a 39° Nordic bath. Ah…spa! And so it began.

With multiple hot baths to choose from, as well as the dry sauna and eucalyptus steam room, my tension just melted away. Of course, to properly benefit from the Nordic bath experience, there are a few cold plunges which you’re to alternate between the hot soaks. I’ll be honest. For the most part, my cold plunges didn’t extend much beyond my knees.

To go beyond perfection to total decadence, we had booked massages, right before lunch. My masseuse, Caroline, was the perfect picture of professionalism, and combined a number of techniques, from Swedish to deep tissue, including the wonderful use of hot stones, for a 90 minute full body massage. It was superb! So relaxing at times that I drifted off to sleep (remember: we arrived haggard and sleep-deprived!). A bit of a let-down because I wasn’t consciously experiencing the wonderful sensations while entering dreamland. By the time the 90 minutes were up, every muscle in my body was loose and at ease.

Andrea, Jenny and I met back up in the bistro, where we agreed a glass of wine was definitely on the menu. Sitting in our robes, sipping wine and enjoying a delectable meal, we decided the only way it could get better was…dessert! I had a delightful treat: hot espresso poured over a scrumptious vanilla ice cream. I was so tempted to order another. But we had to move on…the baths were waiting!

The rest of the afternoon passed, enjoying the baths—and my personal favourite, the steam room—and finding wondrous relaxation areas of comfy chairs nestled on platforms throughout the forest and up the rocky slopes. You feel completely removed from the world. And though yes, I was ‘shh-ed’ twice (you must be quiet at a Nordic spa!), we whispered plans for future spa visits. Next time—the dads will come too!

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