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Jan Marini holiday exfoliator

During the Christmas break, I was lucky enough to test out Jan Marini’s limited edition Pumpkin Spice Holiday Exfoliator.  I loved the smell, although it gave me cravings for a big slice of pumpkin pie after each use.

When I applied the product to my skin, I immediately noticed how soft and smooth my skin felt and was truly glowing (even after the first use)!

I am a big believer in the inclusion of a great exfoliator in my skin care regimen. I’ve tried many brands and formulas, but more often than not, they’re too harsh or drying on my skin which causes flakes and peeling. This exfoliator sets itself apart from others with its unique spherical microbeads, which dissolve in water. It exfoliates and polishes the skin without the harsh abrasives that are common to many similar items in the market today.

I have dark marks and acne scars which make me a bit self-conscious about going makeup free. I love the inclusion of the glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes, which help to reduce these issues and brighten my complexion. Since including this exfoliator in my routine, I have found that my skin is clearer and I have an overall brighter complexion, I’ve even dared to venture out make-up free and it feels great!

I spent my holiday break in Jamaica (let the jealousy sink in for a moment) and while I was away, I spent a lot of time in the sun, sand, and salty waters. The holiday exfoliator was an excellent tool for cleansing and polishing the damaging days off my skin.

This product was a great travel companion and shouldn’t be reserved for just the winter weather. If you are looking for an exfoliant that is gentle yet effective on your skin, I would wholeheartedly recommend this product.

Marini Holiday Exfoliat#255

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