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Amanda Lindsay

At age 16, Amanda Lindsay knew her calling. She completed a three-year diploma in Beauty Therapy in the UK and jumped into the industry with both feet. Hailing from a family of therapists, her career choice was no surprise. Lindsay’s mother is a reflexologist and her two elder sisters are skin therapists like herself. “I was always the guinea pig from such a young age and for my older sister in particular,” she says. “I was waxed, tinted, moisturized, buffed and painted so many times that it just felt right to follow in their footsteps.” In her early 20s, Lindsay took a leap of faith and emigrated from a small town in the UK to big city life in Toronto. Now a Skin Therapist at Dermalogica’s International Dermal Institute, renowned for its professional training and product R&D, Lindsay says she always pushes herself to do better. “It’s very fitting that I’ve ended up working for a company that is so passionate about continued education.” Dermalogica, she says, is always innovating. “We have always been the leaders in the industry, not only in our product formulations, but also with interactive education for consumers and therapists. We use the best ingredients that science and nature can provide.”

The secret to good customer service is…

It’s about being honest and real with my clients and being well educated in what you are doing. If I simply can’t answer a concern, I find out how I can. If I can’t fix a problem, I don’t promise that I will.

What I love about this business is…

Skin problems can really lower your confidence so if I can educate my clients in any way on how to make them better, then I’ve done my job. The power of touch is such an incredible thing. To be able to de-stress the body as well as mind and soul is very powerful. There’s no greater feeling than to make someone feel better.

What are the most common skin problems you see?

I deal with a lot of adult acne mixed with sensitivity and concerns of aging. The great thing about Dermalogica’s formulations is that we can help with all three concerns at the same time. Sensitive skin will age quicker than any other skin type, therefore treating that to begin with will not only calm down the acne but keep those pesky fine lines well hydrated.

What is your go-to Dermalogica product?

I absolutely love Skin Perfect Primer SPF30.

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