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Massage Manners 101: the bare facts

We all have our guilty pleasures. For some it may be reality tv; others can’t resist the allure of chocolate. For me, it’s always been indulging in massages.  I find nothing more relaxing than immersing myself in the tranquility of a spa knowing that for the next hour my thoughts, cares, and pains will be replaced by the sounds of a synthesized ocean and dim lights, while the knots in my back are erased. I’ve made it a personal custom to feed my guilt as often as possible, both at home and on my travels.

This being said, I wrestle with a peculiar predicament from time to time and would appreciate your opinions on the subject. When going for a massage, do you take everything off or leave the underwear on??

Personally, I want an uninterrupted experience. I find it annoying and awkward when the wave of muscle and flesh that is bulldozing every kink, in one fluid motion from my shoulder blade to my calf, is interrupted by the masseuse stopping to adjust the side of my undies. For that reason I’ve always opted to go completely bare.

My curiosity drove me to research the topic, which in turn left me further perplexed. Online, the great knickers debate rages on. Pro: personal comfort. Con: oil stains on your lacy bits. The list is exhaustive.

I can’t help but think about the masseuse. Is my going bare uncomfortable for them, or is it a standard occupational hazard? Either way, there are no set rules.

I need answers. Let me know what you think! Help end my skivvies guilt for once and for all!

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