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Water Shock makeup remover is a delightful botanical nod to Swiss perfection

By: Jana Manolakos

Swiss chocolate, Swiss watches and now increasingly Swiss cosmetic products – there is tremendous panache in products coming out of Switzerland. Why? Is it the mountain air, blue skies and clear spring waters that lead to nourishing botanicals? Is it the long standing tradition of herbal know-how and love of natural beauty?

The Swiss Cosmetic and Detergent Association will tell you it’s because the industry is dedicated to using quality ingredients regulated by strict hygiene and safety rules; and that’s leading to a larger share of the global cosmetics pie. Their 2017 annual report shows market share for Swiss facial products at 19 percent of all sales in cosmetics and detergents in that country. Swiss cosmetic products are gaining a stronger foothold globally as well.

Swiss Line by Dermalab, out of Zurich, Switzerland, pays tribute to the technology and purity that customers have come to trust in Swiss-made products. Since its founding in 1989, Swiss line has been combining the latest scientific research with the best natural ingredients the country has to offer to create a unique range of skin products, driven by a guiding philosophy that combines “back-to-nature simplicity with paramedical sophistication.”

I recently tried their Water Shock Bi-Phase Make-Up Remover for eyes and lips. Unlike a lot of make-up removers, this exclusively botanical, gentle alcohol-free lotion soothes and smoothes the skin’s texture, removing any remaining traces of make-up. It provides a relaxing effect on the skin that counteracts fine lines and dehydration. My mature skin simply lapped up this wonderful product which Swiss line says detoxifies and decongests the skin while regulating moisture balance.

I dutifully applied the product every night for eight weeks to all parts of my face, including eyes and lips. Right from the start, my naturally dry skin felt clean and dewy – a testament to the company’s claim that Water Shock Make-Up Remover boosts water retention in the epidermis and counteracts fine lines and dehydration. It’s recommended for all skin types, except oily.

Scent-free, mineral rich water combined with oil-free plant based ingredients left my skin feeling smooth. If using the product, you’ll find that the water separates from the other ingredients in the bottle so every time before applying, it has to be vigorously shaken to emulsify the liquids – a small price to pay for delightful end-results.

Learn more from their authorized reseller in Canada, Click HERE for product information or to order yours today!

Jana Manolakos
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