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Donna Holtom

Donna Holtom is the woman behind Holtz Spa, a popular full service Ottawa spa that caters to technology titans and political powerbrokers with capital stress. Since she opened Holtz in 1985, the spa has almost doubled in size to 10,000 sq. ft. after a major renovation. In 2002, Holtom inaugurated her first Holtz Spa franchise at the Hilton Suites Hotel in Markham, ON. Her mission? To be a dynamic organization inspiring positive change in the spa industry, the community, our staff and especially our clients’ lives.

My management philosophy is…Your best results come through your staff. You have to enjoy, and have a passion for the industry…a commitment to serving people and a team that shares that philosophy.

My personal mantra… Push through. You must look forward, not backward.

I stay fresh, modern and inspired… through a great network of industry colleagues, and by getting involved in national and international associations. You have to give back, mentor others, and build the industry you work and live in.

My favourite ways to relax are… yoga and personal time. Living in boxes is important to ensure you have business time, family time, community time, spiritual time, etc. These are all the key components to finding balance. I try to keep my boxes separate, to focus on the moment, the people in that environment, and the outcomes of that moment.

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