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Summer ’19

Products that harness ancient secrets to heal and beautify.

Rejuvenation Serum by Ayurveda Rituals Spa

This tri-doshic elixir is based on ancient rituals for rejuvenation. The blends of aphrodisiac, plant-derived emollients and spices from around the world are married together with jasmine and rose to revitalize and nurture the skin. This serum is anti-oxidant and hydrating for all skin types.

The Rice Polish Classic by Tatcha

Finely ground rice bran and papaya enzymes transform into a creamy foam that promotes natural skin turnover and instantly reveals a smooth, makeup-ready canvas. It’s complemented by a trio of anti-aging Japanese superfoods: green tea, rice and algae, with silk protein to condition and nourish normal to dry skin.

Cedarwood Essential Oil by Saje

Rich, sweet and woodsy, this essential oil promotes relaxation, grounds the emotions and is balancing for oily skin. Cedarwood has been used for centuries to relieve symptoms related to bronchitis, coughs, catarrh, acne and other minor skin conditions.

Stone Crop Body Collection by Eminence

A recently launched body collection infused with stone crop offers body oil, contouring cream, revitalizing body scrub and a restorative body wrap. The stone crop plant (otherwise known as sedum) helps reduce pigmentation and assists in regeneration, firming, toning and moisturizing.

10,000 Buddhas Ritual Wellness Kit for Peace by ODE

A limited-edition wellness ritual kit for peace and prosperity was created in collaboration with yogini Amanda Giacomini of 10,000 Buddhas. Complete with candle offering, bath salts, hydrating body oil, facial tonic and moisturizer, it features the soothing scents of chamomile, jasmine, lavender and vetiver.

Green Coffee Berry Anti-Oxidant Serum by Yum Gourmet Skincare

Stimulate cellular vibrancy and elasticity with this transformative anti-aging serum, which includes acai fruit oil, adzuki bean powder, algae extract, apple cider vinegar and many other plant-based ingredients. Bio-sourced epidermal growth factors, green coffee berry and kombucha fermentation help to nourish and protect the skin.

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