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Winter ’17-’18

Sheet masks, Thulium lasers, and other new spa products, tools and equipment

Lutronic LaseMD by LUTRONIC

The Lutronic LaseMD is a 1927nm Thulium laser that can be used by physicians in skin resurfacing treatments. The LaseMD has an ergonomic design that lends itself to ease and speed of operation. It has a broad range of treatment settings from gentle to aggressive, ensuring greater control over outcomes. The product is cleared for use on clients with actinic keratosis, benign pigmented lesions and a variety of other skin conditions.

4-step Custom Regimen by SKIN REGIMEN

Comfort Zone’s new skin care system is based on modern plant chemistry innovations that have been clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress on the skin. The four-step system includes a gentle foaming cleansing cream, an illuminating lotion that contains unicellular microalgae, four boosters, an age-defense tripeptide cream, a multi-action eye cream, and an overnight pro-vitality mask.

Nourishing Serum Mask Cream by

Satin Smooth’s new dermatologist tested sheet mask is infused with plant extracts that maximize hydration and deliver nutrients to the skin that increase its ability to retain moisture. The Nourishing Serum Mask is part of Satin Smooth’s Premium Serum Sheet Masks collection, which features masks with formulas customized for all skin conditions, including Moisturizing Serum Mask, Sensitive Serum, and Charcoal Serum Mask.

Pure Intense Oil Free Cleanser by CARA SKIN CARE

Cara Skin Care’s new formula contains gentle naturally derived surfactants that cleanse oily, problematic acne-prone and combination skin. Citrus extracts and eucalyptus offer astringent and antibacterial properties that work to prevent breakouts. The cleanser also contains sucrose cocoate, which helps to retain moisture, aloe leaf juice and vitamins B and C. Cara Skin Care’s Pure Intense Oil Free Cleanser leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth without any residue.

Organic skin care line by ILIKE

Ilike is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with new 100 per cent recyclable, airless pump bottles. The brand’s new organic skin care line includes moisturizers, serums, cleansers, massage creams, as well as its Yogurt Power Peel and Botanical AHA Peel products. The airless dispensers are designed to protect Ilike’s advanced organic formulations and to reflect the brand’s commitment to the sustainability movement.

Discoloration Defense by SKINCEUTICALS

SkinCeuticals’ Discoloration Defense is a serum that works to prevent and correct all types of discoloration, including stubborn brown patches. The serum has a potent combination of key ingredients that includes 3 per cent tranexamic acid, 5 per cent niacinimide, 1 per cent kojic acid and 5 per cent HEPES (a sulfonic acid). As a result, the Discoloration Defense serum provides a measurable reduction in visible and stubborn pigmentation for a revitalized and even complexion, with refined texture and clarity.

UltraCalming by DERMALOGICA

Dermalogica’s new UltraCalming product line is specially formulated for sensitive skin. These products combine botanical extracts with innovative technology from The International Dermal Institute to deliver a solution to skin sensitivity. Included in the UltraCalming product line are the Barrier Defense Booster, which contains nourishing phyto chemicals that relieves dry itch and restores skin barrier integrity, and the Calm Water Gel, a weightless water-gel moisturizer that contains cactus pear extract to soothe skin and bind in water, while opuntia fiscus-indica stem extract works to impact neurogenic inflammation.

Acid Fix n by OMOROVICZA

Omorovicza’s new multipurpose acid treatment has a potent blend of AHA/BHA acids that exfoliate, peel, resurface, brighten and plump the skin. Acid Fix contains Australian caviar lime extract, glycolic acid, a powerful exfoliating AHA; salicylic acid; lactic acid; sodium hyaluronate, which delivers moisture and increases the skin’s moisture rention; and Omorovicza’s patented Healing ConcentrateTM delivery system, which leaves skin firmer and more supple.

Hemp & Peace Ampoule by BABOR

Babor’s new limited edition Hemp & Peace Ampoule is a seven-day treatment set loaded with hemp seed oil, aloe vera, cactus, and panthenol. Hemp seed oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and promotes skin regeneration. Aloe vera and cactus extracts moisturizes, calms and soothes, while glow pigments give skin a fresh look. Each ampoule is designed for single use and can be applied to the face, neck and décolletage.

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