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The words “infection” and “spa” don’t belong in the same sentence… ever!

Sadly, they are used together far too often. Leading Spas of Canada receives calls regularly from consumers who have taken a risk by electing to visit a spa that is not a member of our association. They are desperate to figure out what recourse is available when they’ve suffered an infection, or sometimes worse, because the spa they chose to visit wasn’t a member and didn’t adhere to the standards and practices our members uphold. 

Health Canada and related agencies provide a high level of oversight for product safety and labeling, while provincial and territorial governments maintain high standards for workplace safety and employment standards, but there is very little specific regulation when it comes to the industry, and when it does exist, it is inconsistent. Unfortunately, some see the opportunity to hang out a shingle in this growing and largely unregulated sector, without consideration of proper safety and hygiene, and as a result, put their customers at considerable risk.

Leading Spas of Canada Members Believe They Have a Duty to Protect their Customers
Recognizing this, Leading Spas of Canada members have committed to distinguishing themselves by voluntarily adhering to a stringent set of standards and practices to ensure their customers receive exceptionally safe and professional service. In 2010, the association launched its Quality Assurance (QA) Program – the only one of its kind in Canada – to enable members to go even further in demonstrating their commitment. Every two years, member spas are offered the opportunity to participate in this process which involves a mystery shopping call and on-site visit from a third-party assessor to ensure that every facet of their operation meets or exceeds the highest standards related to health, safety, hygiene, and customer service.

The criteria for the program, based originally on consultation with physicians, spa industry experts, spa owners, and health and safety professionals, and now maintained and updated as needed by the association’s Standards & Practices Advisory Panel, includes an assessment of spa operations, including, but not limited to, booking and appointment processes, management and human resource documentation, physical inspection of the property and equipment, sanitation, and sterilization procedures.

Successful spas receive a Quality Assurance Approved certificate and seal of approval that they display proudly for customers and staff to see. It demonstrates that they recognize their duty to protect their customers and employees and are passionate about doing so. 

Congratulations to the 21 Spas that have Successfully Attained the Quality Assurance Approved Designation This Year The association has just completed the 2018-2019 Quality Assurance Program, and this year, 21 Canadian spas from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec earned the designation.

  1. Achieve Wellness Spa, Fort McMurray, AB
  2. Achieve Wellness, Clearwater Suite Hotel, AB
  3. Algonquin Spa at The Couples Resort, ON
  4. Ancient Cedars Spa, BC
  5. Body & Soul Day Spa, BC
  6. Drift Spa at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, BC
  7. Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort, BC
  8. Hammam Spa, ON
  9. Island Currents Spa at Sonora Resort, BC
  10. Langdon Hall Country Hotel & Spa, ON
  11. Le Spa Infinima, QC
  12. Life Stiles Spa, AB
  13. O Spa Health & Wellness Centre, BC
  14. Pacific Mist Spa at Kingfisher Oceanside Resort, BC
  15. Riverstone Spa, MB
  16. Sante Spa at Bear Mountain, BC
  17. Sahara Spa, SK
  18. Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, SK
  19. Ten Spa, MB
  20. The L Spa and Wellness Centre, AB
  21. Vida Spa, Westin Bayshore, BC

We are thrilled that all of these spas have also chosen to invest in their business, employees, and customers by participating in the program, and we congratulate them on their success. 

I hope we will continue to see this list grow. The spa and wellness industry is on an upswing, and as the breadth and complexity of procedures continues to expand, it is more important than ever that spa operators manage risk and create exceptional experiences that will keep customers healthy and safe, and returning to their spas time and again.

I also want to extend a personal note of thanks to Intercosmetics, Eminence, and Nelly De Vuyst, for joining Ten Spa as sponsors of the 2018-2019 Quality Assurance Program. Your generosity and belief in the importance of quality speaks volumes about your dedication to the industry and to the safety and satisfaction of Canadian spa-goers. 

Elena Zinchenko

Manager, Ten Spa (QAA), Chair, Leading Spas of Canada, and proud QA Sponsor

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