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Mementos of the summer sun

Over the course of a lifetime, several factors can influence the skin’s natural colouring and cause brown spots to appear on the face or on other areas frequently exposed to the sun, like the hands and neckline.

A holistic spa

A growing number of spas are becoming holistic in approach, by choosing to focus on the mind, body, and spirit experiences and an environment that will appeal to consciously choosing clients.

Summer essentials

Whether you’re travelling, swimming or sunning this season, we found some products that you’ll definitely want to take along for the journey!

ABA through my eyes

The Allied Beauty Association (ABA) brought its annual trade show to Toronto and as usual, it was amazing!

Stock up for warmer weather

As the weather gets warmer, the needs of your spa guests will start to change. Ensuring your spa is stocked with the best products for the season will help improve client satisfaction as well as the sales per transaction.
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