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Stock up for warmer weather

As the weather gets warmer, the needs of your spa guests will start to change. Ensuring your spa is stocked with the best products for the season will help improve client satisfaction as well as the sales per transaction.

Summer Spa Treatments

Summer is the season for shorts and sandals and after a long winter, women across Canada are ready to pack up their parkas and pull out the poolside gear.

Pedicures, body treatments, and various hair removal options are some of the most popular spa treatments in the summer and Nicole Verzyden, managing director of Face Addiction Skin Care, suggests stocking up on retail items like foot and body butters as well as polishes that complement these treatments.

“People think of cuticle lotions and creams just for the fingernails but they can definitely use those on the toes as well for a little touch-up in between treatments,” says Verzyden.

She suggests offering a complimentary product with services to increase focus on your retail section. For example, a travel-sized foot cream would be the perfect extra for a pedicure and a mini exfoliant is a great add-on to any summer body treatments. This is an easy way to introduce clients to the spa’s retail items and encourage future purchases.

Skin Health

Krista Francescut, spa manager of Toronto’s Sweetgrass Spa by Verity says the one must-have ingredient for summer skin care is Vitamin C which is praised for its high levels of antioxidants.

“The antioxidants prevent free radicals from the sun’s rays from interfering with the skin cell,” says Francescut. Without such intervention, the free radicals will cause collagen depletion and advanced signs of aging. “Women will make purchases based on an informed decision. If you can tell me why I need to have the Vitamin C serum to help control sun damage, then I’m going to be engaged,” adds spa director Monique Joustra.

Every client goes home with a prescription form that offers the clients information about the items that were used during their spa treatment as well as how to use any items purchased from the spa’s retail section. This is to ensure the client is using the products in the proper way.

“We find if there are too many products they don’t know what the order is,” says Joustra.

Sun Protection

Spa clients are spending more time outdoors in the summer, which means they need a powerful SPF… or an aloe (if they forgot the first item mentioned). But for clients who are steering clear of the sun, there are alternative retail options that offer a great glow without the negative effects.

Sweetgrass Spa offers a treatment called Buff and Sun Kissed. This sunless tanning treatment starts with an exfoliation followed by a Swiss shower and the sunless tanning application. Guests can choose the full body option or just the legs for skirt season. The spa also sells the sunless tanning product to guests so they can continue that summer glow after they leave the spa.

“By offering sunless tanning treatments at the spa and the corresponding homecare, we can supplement our retail income at the spa and our treatment revenue,” says Verzyden.

1) Coola Suncare Environmental Repair

Plus Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion

2) Mary Cohr Self-Tanning Body Spray And Moisturizing Face Cream

3) Sweet Leaf Bath Co. Sweet Relief Foot Butter (With Moisturizing Spa Socks)

4) Trind Extra Moisturizing Cuticle Cream

5) Lifetherapy Vacation Skin Nourishing Body Scrub

6) Balanced Guru Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Facial Masque

7) SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic 

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