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Isaac Mizrahi + Taylor Kaye (CHFI)

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi talks inspiration and insecurities

Famed designer Isaac Mizrahi was in Toronto this weekend to debut his IsaacMizrahiLive! line. The fashion icon who has dressed everyone from Julia Roberts to Meryl Streep will now be bringing his elegant-yet-affordable collection to Canadian women exclusively through the Shopping Channel.

On Friday Mizrahi spoke at a Chatelaine event about his new line as well as his top pick for the fall season. He declared flats the winners by saying “I’m bored with big heels” and the crowd cheered!

Although I was dying to hear what he had to say about the industry, it was his insight on his career and how he stays inspired that I found really fascinating. Since the fashion and beauty industry are so interrelated, I thought our Spa Inc. readers would enjoy some highlights from the evening. I’ve pulled together a few quotes and included some shots of his new collection. Enjoy!

On his Early Start:

There were always sewing machines around. My father made children’s clothes and he had these giant machines in the basement that I discovered on my own. He actually taught me to sew and it was a crazy kind of rite of passage.

On his Mentor:

I have a few, but the one that comes to mind is Perry Ellis because that’s where I had my first job and it was unexpected that I would like it so much. This was a really hard job, but it was great. I learned everything without knowing I was learning because it was fun.

On Inspiration:

I do opera, I work in ballet, I design costumes. I’m also staging Peter and the Wolf at the Guggenheim Museum. Those things keep my interest alive. I’m only speaking from my own experience, but doing the same exact thing all the time is a little deadening to me.

On Insecurities:

What you learn is Meryl Streep is as insecure as you. You end up learning that the best way to make her look beautiful is to make her feel comfortable. I think the best designers and stylists are good at being friends.

All of those women I’m talking about from Mrs. Obama to Zooey Deschanel, I think they’re all terribly insecure like us and the thing that is great about good clothes is they make you feel better about yourself.

On Canadian Women:

I don’t think Canadian women are any different from smart women from New York or Chicago or Los Angeles. That’s what I like about them is that they’re smart and skeptical.

Some of the IsaacMizrahiLive! collection.
Which of these looks do you love? 

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