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The Dol-ás Spa experience

Finding rest and relaxation within East Coast personalized hospitality

By Sean Tarry
When thinking of places where one might be able to find rest and relaxation, or achieve a state of tranquility and well-being, there are few that can compare to the Dol-ás Spa in Harbour, N.S. Nestled into beautiful scenery on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, visitors are cared for from the moment they enter the establishment, welcomed by traditional East Coast hospitality. And, providing a range of treatments and services meant to rejuvenate and refresh, the spa promises guests an experience like no other.
“From the first moment a guest walks in, they can expect to feel a sense of serenity as they are welcomed into our world,” explains Joann Patriquin, spa director at Dol-ás Spa. “Drawing on the essence of the East Coast and the healing traditions of global spa culture, our skilled, professional therapists and aestheticians are dedicated to helping you feel and look your relaxed, polished best. Beneath our beautiful spa lies our state-of-the-art wellness centre featuring a stunning junior Olympic-sized swimming pool. The soaring space is lined with windows to bring the outside in.”

Holistic wellness centre
Operating as part of the overall offering at the Fox Harb’r Resort, Dol-ás Spa is quickly becoming known as a holistic wellness centre destination. Offering specialty treatments that include a range of different massages, facials using the exclusive Swiss skincare line Cellcosmet, along with a number of different body treatments, nail care, and more, the spa continues to build on the reputation it has already developed for itself as a provider of luxury spa services. In fact, it was recently named as one of the Canadian Spa & Wellness “Top 25 Spas in Canada.” However, what differentiates the spa from others, says Patriquin, is the significant amount of focus it places on the needs of the customer.
“We aim to anticipate the distinct needs of guests; that’s what sets us apart,” she asserts. “From the moment a guest walks into our spa, they will experience a sense of calmness and serenity. Even prior to their arrival, our therapists will be well versed with any needs and requests so guests can expect a seamless and bespoke experience. As we’re known as a five-star golf resort, we offer a range of treatments especially designed to enhance golf mobility that you won’t find at other treatment centres. We were honoured to recently be named the Luxury Resort Spa and Wellness Centre of the Year by the LuxLife Hospitality Awards.”

Focus on the customer
It’s the intense, almost hyper-focus that Patriquin and her staff pay toward satisfying the needs of customers that allows the spa to continuously please its guests. And, supported by a personalized approach to each experience provided within the spa, guests enjoy a pampering within a bright, warm, and welcoming environment they are not likely to receive anywhere else.
“Personalization is at the top of the list when it comes to our priorities,” she explains. “To achieve a luxury spa experience for our discerning guests, we place an emphasis on customization and tailoring our treatments to the individual. Our guests travel to spas all over the world. They are seeking a premium experience that’s imbued with our distinct East Coast hospitality. And that means prioritizing a personal experience and recommendations with each visit tailored to the individual guest—whether that’s to improve a golf game, look picture perfect for a wedding, or treating a specific issue.”

Consistent enhancement
Operating within such a competitive industry, the achievements and accolades that Dol-ás Spa receives on a relatively regular basis are testament to the quality of the establishment’s treatments and service, as well as the expertise of the therapists and other staff responsible for their administering. However, what keeps the establishment consistently on the leading edge of the spa industry in Canada, explains Patriquin, is its willingness to evolve and expand its offering in order to remain relevant to today’s spa-goer.
“We’re proud to continually be recognized by the industry as being one of the top spas in Canada,” she says. “We’re constantly adding luxurious details to the dynamic roster of experiences at Fox Harb’r Resort. It’s these fine details that makes a visit to Dol-ás Spa memorable. Over the years, we’ve continued to elevate the experience by adding new moments of pampering to our treatments. We have a handbook that lays out exactly how each treatment should go from start to finish, incorporating very specialized and customized details. For example, each private treatment starts with a calming foot bath. A guest may be coming in from a big hike or a full day of golf, and we want them to truly relax and enjoy their treatment. Another example: we use hot stones with our manicures. And, our pedicures are accompanied by a thorough foot massage. Our return guests always remember these details.”

Expanded service and offering
Given the reputation that Dol-ás Spa enjoys among those who have visited the luxury spa destination, combined with the consistent enhancements and improvements that have been made to the site and its services, it’s no wonder it continues to welcome droves of visitors through its doors. And, according to Patriquin, it has no plans to stop, with further additions to be revealed to guests soon.
“Our market continues to evolve. We’re seeing more and more guests visiting primarily with wellness in mind. Our stunning seaside location draws visitors from around the world. And now, with a brilliant new golf course expansion in the works, we’ll be luring even more visitors to Nova Scotia. Spa travellers seeking the best in pampering, wellness, and luxurious rejuvenation will find it all here. In the very near future, we’ll be revealing a
brand-new spa space that will multiply the variety of treatments and experiences available. In our beautiful new space, we’ll offer a complete range of specialized destination spa programming, including wellness retreats, sound therapy, hydrothermal experiences, signature treatments, and mind-body activities such as yoga and meditation.”

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