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Ashley Perri

Owner of Skinprovement Medi Spa & Laser Clinic

Giving back to the community has been a fundamental part of Ashley Perri’s business since she opened her first Skinprovement location in Vaughan, Ont., in 2013. (She opened a second clinic in Schomberg, Ont., in 2021.) 

“As a skincare specialist, I have the privilege of helping clients look and feel their best,” Perri says. “As a civic-minded citizen, I aspire to enrich the well-being of people surrounding me, which means helping the community that made my business the success it is today.” 

In 2016, Perri started Brows for the Brave, a feel-good initiative aimed at those who have suffered hair loss due to cancer. To date, Skinprovement has donated over $100,000 worth of complimentary microblading services to those in need. This incredible program is just one of the many ways Perri gives back, and one of the key reasons why she took home the inaugural Pillar of the Community Award in Spa Inc.’s 2021 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards. Here, Perri shares her thoughts on what this award means to her, what drives her success, and how you, too, can raise your own level of community involvement.

On Winning the Pillar of the Community Award

“It’s a thrill and an honour, and incredibly humbling. I’m so grateful for this recognition within my industry for community service. From Day 1, it has been something at the heart of what Skinprovement is all about.”

On the Importance of Giving Back

“Being involved and helping my community is of the utmost importance to me. In addition to Brows for the Brave, I’ve also pledged my support to the Mackenzie Health Foundation’s Exceptional Care Begins Here campaign. I’ve pledged $150,000 to the Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital, which will fund a critical care room. This is something desperately needed in the pandemic, but also something of special personal significance, as I spent a lot of time in a critical care ward as a teenager when my mom was ill. Other charitable involvements include helping to raise funds for the local Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter and event sponsorship for Hospice Vaughan.”

On Motivating Her Skinprovement Team to Be Community-minded

“There are 13 incredible people on my team, and everyone is exceptional at supporting the growth of Skinprovement by promoting Brows for the Brave and helping with every charitable program we’re involved in. They are an incredible support system, and all of us feel incredibly rewarded knowing that what we do is for the greater good of our community.”

 On What Drives Her Success

“Fear always holds us back from our dreams, and the greatest fear we should all have is not knowing what could have been because we didn’t try. For aspiring entrepreneurs and future industry leaders my advice for success is to wholeheartedly believe in yourself, persevere, and work hard because, as I well know, ultimately, your dreams will become reality.”

On How to Become More Involved in Your Community

“Pick a foundation or start an initiative that speaks to you and has a particular personal significance. Start small, and steadfastly build on your involvement. Having a successful business is wonderful, but the feeling of giving back is priceless.” 

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