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Summer ’18

Yoga-inspired essential oil blends, age-defying body mousse, and other new spa products, tools and equipment.

Super Hydrating Face Mask by OXYGEN BOTANICALS

Oxygen Botanicals Super Hydrating Face Mask was developed as a hydro-regulative cosmetic product and uses a blend of humectants and amino acids blend for naturally smoother skin. Infused with a CMI complex, this product hydrates and nourishes skin, leaving a healthy and youthful glow.

The Skin Get a Life Facial Kit by BELLABACI

Bellabaci’s The Skin Get A Life Facial Kit comes with the Deep Cleanse-Pro Mitt, the Skin Get a Life Genie in a Bottle, and the Face Cup Set (one soft and one hard). The Genie in a Bottle formula is a gel that turns into a luxurious oil that leaves skin feeling silky smooth. The product is rich with anti-oxidants and essential fatty acid that repair, protect and regenerate compromised, damage skin. The Genie in a Bottle contains coconut oil, rosehip oil, baobab oil, argan oil, carrot seed essential oil and clary sage essential oil, to name a few ingredients.

Conditioning Body Serum by BIOPHORA

Biophora’s Conditioning Body Serum is part of a two-step treatment, along with the Biophora Conditioning Body Cream, that improves the tone and texture of dry, dehydrated skin. The serum exfoliates, brightens and smoothes, reducing the appearance of crepiness, blemishes, rough texture, small bumps, sun damage, and age-related discolouration. Salicylic acid removes impurities, lactic acid sloughs away dead skin for brighter and smoother skin. Together, the two products gently slough off rough skin, while stimulating, toning, tightening, and thickening the skin’s appearance resulting in increased circulation and reduced water retention.

Yoga Collection by DOTERRA 

dōTERRA has designed an exclusive trio of CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends. The three new blends, Align, Anchor, and Arise, are designed to provide aromas that ground, centre, and uplift the spirit with every breath while strengthening the body. This collection incorporates lavender, rose, black pepper, Siberian fir, and coconut oil to promote feelings of calmness and clarity. dōTERRA’s yoga collection can be used aromatically, topically and without dilution.

Treat Love & Color by ESSIE

Essie’s Treat Love & Color line has extended its palette of caring colours, an advanced one-step care and colour that allows for a colour manicure while treating dry, brittle nails. According to Essie, this formula strengthens nails in just one week and results in 60 per cent less peeling and 35 per cent less breakage. Essie’s nail strengthening polish takes advantage of collagen and camellia extract. The line has an array of exciting new colours, such as an enigmatic plum taupe, warm mauve, and blossoming light pink.

Moon Dip Body Mousse by FARMHOUSE FRESH

Farmhouse Fresh’s Moon Dip Body Mousse is a blend of age-fighting ingredients normally reserved for facial treatments. The mousse features retinol and vitamin-rich emollient oils that lock in hydration and suppleness. The mousse contains retinyl palmitate, which restores the skin, Jojoba oil, a rich source of numerous fatty acids, and advanced firming peptides, to reduce the look of deep wrinkles.

The Healing Heart Facial by ILA

Ila’s Rose Quartz Hearts are made from a beautiful pink crystal that is renowned for its soothing and healing properties. They are symbolic of the energy of love and peace and transmute a deeply calming energy. Regular massaging with the healing vibrations of the hearts drains puffiness, relaxes facial muscles, and dissolves stress lines.


Kerstin Florian International’s Gua Sha Instant Lift Facial is an exclusive anti-aging treatment protocol that combines advanced facial massages with botanical skincare for a visibly firm, contoured, glowing complexion. The ingredients include caviar extract, neroli floral water, and botanical oils that work to firm, lift, and tone the skin. This treatment also brightens the skin, promotes lasting hydration, and protects against aging.

Lip Sleeping Mask by LANEIGE

The LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is a special intensive care mask for lips. This hydrating lip mask delivers intense moisture and antioxidants during sleep. LANEIGE has engineered its moisture wrap technology with hyaluronic acid and minerals, which forms a moisturizing and protective film over the lips. Overnight, the mask locks moisture and active ingredients to the point of application.

Romanticism Collection by SPONGELLÉ

Spongellé Beyond Cleansing has announced its new Romanticism Collection of body buffers. The collection features four custom-blended botanically inspired fragrances: Sugar Daisy, Baltic Rose, Blue Iris, and Tea Blossom to create a truly sensuous and luxurious experience. Each body buffer is formulated with natural and quality ingredients including shea butter and cocoa butter. The buffers are packaged in a decorated floral adorned pocketbook shaped box with detachable purse strings that can be reused for easy storage.

Cell-Shock Luxe-Lift Light Cream by

Swiss Line has designed a new, lightweight formula to deliver visible results. According to Swiss Line, the new Luxe-Lift formulas contain the most comprehensive array of nutrients ever offered by Swiss Line in a single jar. The Cell-Shock Luxe-Life Light Cream contains high concentrations of pure marine collagen, silk, and gold. It offers lifting, line-reducing and revitalizing results. This product is ideal for combination to oily skin, as well as mature skin prone to oiliness.

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