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Summer 21

Cooling skincare, foot therapy and other summer essentials.

Cucumber Heel Therapy Intensive Treatment

Make the most of your summertime sandal look with feet that boast glorious, soft-skinned heels. This therapeutic cream uses a deeply moisturizing botanical complex to help alleviate dry, callused heels. It softens soles with daily use and contains naturally soothing cucumber, chamomile and aloe.

Glacial Revitalizing Mist

Ideal for treating skin after a day in the sun or cold, this multipurpose balancer hydrates, protects, refreshes and tones/rebalances while targeting signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid restores hydration levels, seaweed infuses minerals and reduces inflammation, and vitamin C and specialized plant extracts nourish, protect and tone skin.

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

A burst of hydration for all skin types, this fast-absorbing, concentrated serum smoothes the appearance of fine lines and provides visible lift. Three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and three nutrient-rich seaweeds work together to restore and maintain optimal moisture levels for all-day hydration.

Lavender & Honey Balancing Mist

This floral mist, featuring lavender, honey and aloe vera, instantly balances and hydrates all skin types. Lavender oil is known for its purifying antimicrobial properties, honey is a natural humectant and rich source of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants,
and aloe vera balances pH levels, while providing
its legendary healing qualities.

Photoderm Milk SPF50+

This lotion offers maximum protection against harmful UVA rays, helping to prevent sunburns and boosting immunity against the sun, with its unique, patented Cellular Bioprotection. Made with organo-mineral and anti-UV filters, the environmentally friendly lotion offers protection while decreasing the risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoon

Take your gua sha technique to the next level. This beautiful rose quartz sculpting spoon is designed for precision work and is ideal for releasing stagnation, stimulating pressure points, facial sculpting, under-eye release and lymphatic drainage. Rooted in ancient Eastern practices, this facial toning tool promotes self-love and skin radiance.

Overnight Watermelon Mask

This creamy, ultra-hydrating overnight mask is handcrafted with skin-rejuvenating squalane oil and pure watermelon extract, rich in skin-brightening vitamins A and C and amino acids. Featuring neroli, aloe vera, chamomile, witch hazel and lycopene (in the watermelon extract), the mask gently removes dead skin cells and improves skin texture.

Cooling Aqua Jelly

A moisturizer for oily skin, this jelly-based cooling formula leaves skin feeling fresh and lightly hydrated. It contains a retinol-like bioflavonoid complex, which helps reduce excess oil and refine skin. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture to deeply hydrate skin without leaving a shine.

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