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The man list

Good news! The recent explosion of made-for-men options means men don’t have to use their wives’ products any more. Male skincare is the fastest growing sector in the global beauty industry and is expected to keep growing through 2016*. Making room for some male-focused products in your retail section would be wise.

Double Duty

“There are a lot more men visiting spas to get treatments now,” says Anthony Tsai, president and co-founder of TwinLuxe—a men’s skincare and wet shaving brand. Men love products that perform double duty so select items that offer versatility like a face wash that doubles as a mask or a shampoo that works as a body wash. 

Targeting Troubles

Guys want to look good and are tackling their trouble areas with target-specific products like anti-wrinkle gels and eye serums. Statistics show 20 per cent of American men aged 18 to 34 have had a facial, which is the perfect time to promote the proper take-home products for your client. Watch out for artificially fragranced items warns Heather Vounnou, training manager at Dermalogica. They can cause photosensitivity and are also one of the top causes of contact dermatitis.

Facial Hair Care

From Movember to moustache clubs, men are serious about their facial hair. To preserve the sensitive skin on their face, Vounnou offers some shaving tips to pass along to your male customers. “Shave starting at the sides, making sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth,” she says. After shaving, she suggests men rinse with cool water, gently patting—not rubbing—the skin dry.

*(according to the 2013 Trend Report by SpaFinder Wellness)

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